SPACE SERMONS PART I: Exploring Frontiers of Science and Spirituality

Inspiring is the spiritual heritage of humankind to which Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah is central. The ancient secret meditative tradition of Kabballah unlocks the mysteries of the “Hidden Church of Israel” (Waite 22). In Hebrew, Kabbalah simply means “to receive” hidden or secret wisdom thru meditation (Halevi 6).

Unrecognized Work of “Valoristes”: The COOP, Challenges, Obstacles, and Pandemic

How has the work of “Valoristes”, who in fact perform a useful environmental task, been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? The undervalued task of collecting used consignment containers, like all other facets of life, has been changed by the current situation. The appearance of signs in windows of retailers that inform customers that they will not be accepting bottles and cans until the end of the crisis, makes it difficult for those who depend on those funds.

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